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To purchase or sample any of the music on these albums simply click on the album title. It's a link to Amazon Music, and you'll be presented a track list from the album allowing you to listen before you make a secure purchase.                                 

Parting Gifts cover.jpg

Parting Gifts, Bonfield's sixth solo CD and eighth overall sees a return to producing an album with an ensemble.  Recorded at Blue Fish Sound Productions by Raymond Gonzalez, Bonfield takes advantage of the unique talents of Gonzalez on piano, nylon string guitar, percussion and synths, and Bluegrass wizard Tim Crouch on violin, cello, upright bass, and mandolin. The 'trio' creates what some have called a folk symphony built around Bonfield's Carruth guitars: a 2012 Baritone, a 1995 OM in standard and reentrant tuning, and a 1996 12-fret OM. Apart from the title this may be Bonfield's most uplifting album, full of joyful melodies.

1) Floating 2) Emanon 3) Lover’s Lament 4) Seneca 5) Church St. 6) Caged 7) Sunday Morning 8) Freedom

9) Six String Salvation 10) Nocturne for Brendan 11) Something Pretty For You 12) Something Unexpected 

13) Parting Gifts 

Whistlin' Past the Graveyard.jpg

Legacy, recorded in 2013, is Bonfield's fifth solo album and the first for his Carruth 11-String Harp Guitar.  Recorded by Grammy award-winning engineer, Tom Eaton, this all solo album digs into the depths of some of Bonfield's most provocative work. Composed, arranged, and performed on either baritone guitars or harp guitar.  It's almost as if Bonfield is playing a plucked cello.  

1) Renaissance 2) Angela's Ashes 3) Centerline 4) Mirage 5) The Passing 6) Nightfall

7) The Water is Wide 8) Homage 9) Summer Rain 10) Longing for the Day

11) Wiseman's View 12) The Name of the Wind

Whistlin' Past the Graveyard, recorded in 2009, is Bonfield's fourth solo album and first all solo-guitar album. Recorded by Grammy award-winning engineer, Tom Eaton this features Bonfield's first foray into baritone guitar.  This features all natural reverb, and as little EQ as possible.  This album is full of short, fun pieces of music. It's like you're sitting on a couch listening to a friend pick.  

1) Opal's Delight 2) Getaway 3) In Christ There is No East or West 4) Stealin' 

5) Denouement 6) Partial 2 U 7) Goodbye Chester Lee 8) Moonlight Music 9) Zephyr

10) Prelude 11) Ivy Lane 12) Reunion 13) Study 14) Indian Rain 15) The Fisherman

16) Black Dog 17) Lullaby for the Long Dirt Nap

Dancing with Shadows.jpg

Homecoming, recorded in 1998 by Ted Blaisdell, is Bonfield's breakout album featuring bassist Michael Manring, violinist Jerry Goodman, guitarist Grant Geissman, and percussionist Efrain Toro. Truly one of the finest acoustic, instrumental ensemble albums ever released.

1) Wiseman's View 2) Floating 3) Mirage 4) When Time Stands Still 5) Centerline

6) Lighthouse 7) Little Martha 8) Homecoming 9) Roundin' 3rd 10) Taos

11) Dancing with Shadows 12) The Passing

Winternight, also recorded in 1998 by Ted Blaisdell, is Bonfield's beloved seasonal album. This is a stripped-down production, mostly solo guitar, with only a handful of ensemble pieces featuring Michael Manring on fretless bass.  ...this is Bonfield's brand of American Baroque at its finest.... Haunting, evocative, and shimmering beauty that perfectly accompany the chill of the bleak Mid-Winter eve.

1) Celtic Wandering 2) Pretty Girl Milking a Cow 3) Hark the Herald/Bring a Torch 

4) Wiseman's View 5) The Passing 6) Greensleeves 7) Sidh Baeg Agud Sidh Mor

8) Angus McDougal's Mountain Jig 9) Edelweiss 10) Midnight Morning 

11) Silent Night 12) Farewell 13) Auld Lang Syne

Mystic Morning is Bonfield's beloved debut, recorded by Richard Birt at a cabin in Lake Lure, NC in 1996.  This album includes some of Bonfield's most cherished compositions, and remain an active part of his performing set lists.

1) Dreamin' 2) Homage 3) Sleepless Dreams 4) Mystic Morning 

5) Steel String Surprise 6) Hard Times 7) From a Friend 8) Summer Rain

9) Winter Into Spring 10) Ol' No. 9 11) Nightfall 12) Deja Vu (All Over Again)

13) Copraphagic Smile 14) Farewell

Dancing with Shadows is Bonfield & Ebel's 2001 sophomore effort is a classic. Recorded live to 2-track on Sony's Direct Stream Digital this album is a sonic masterpiece and features Ken Bonfield, Joe Ebel, Michael Manring, and Ty Burhoe all playing their absolute best. 

1) Mirage 2) Angela's Ashes 3) Taos 4) Tightrope 5) Road to Hana 6) Homecoming 7) Centerline

8) Dazed & Confuzed 9) Andy's Song 10? Segovia's Bad Day 11) Dancing with Shadows

Kadotume, Bonfield & Ebel's 1999 debut album is chock-full of goodies. From the toe-tapping joy of the title-track to the orchestral sounds of The Water is Wide, this album exudes joy.  Bonfield's tracks were all recorded live with virtually no editing at a little studio in Central Wisconsin while Ebel's parts were recorded in multiple locations around the country.  This album will put a smile on your face.

1) Kadotume 2) Sunday Morning 3) Cats' Pause 4) Southwind 5) Church St. 6) Dazed & Confuzed

7) Zander's Folly 8) Something Pretty For You 9) Ella's Labor Day Blues 10) Last Ride

11) Summer Rain 12) The Water is Wide 13) For a Friend

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